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Kirin Music Video

Posted on October 4th, 2016 in Animation by Nithin

Kirin was a project done in collaboration with the Point Blank University in London. For the project I worked with the musician Halina Rice to create visuals for her single Kirin. The music video was screened at Stour Space during the music and arts event hosted there called Night School. Stour Space is a abandoned building turned multi-functional creative venue. The music video is a visual representation of Halina’s Glitch Music mixed with drum beats. The project was an exploration of how illustration and animation can be utilised for the music industry. 

Mixed Media

Posted on October 4th, 2016 in Mixed Media by Nithin

The following images are a series of works created within a range of mediums. The works have been made purely for creative purposes and self fulfuliment and sometimes under the direction of my tutors. They are more experimentative and showcase my use of different materials and techniques. They range in sizes starting from an A4 paper size and venturing as large as a A1 paper size.

The Night

Posted on August 16th, 2016 in Books by Nithin

There is a point in everyone’s life when they experience a state of sleeplessness, a night perhaps when they lay awake having entered a void wherein life’s meaning is debated and time loses its structure. The short narrative written by Skye Arundhati was a means of capturing the essence of her experience with sleeplessness. I then began to develop this project with her consensus. From the very beginning I was taken by the surreality of sleeplessness, a state in which there is a cross over between consciousness and unconsciousness. Much like a dream, this state is often found to have qualities that defy the conceptions of time and space. The completed book uses narrative to articulate the period in which the mind enters a state of sleeplessness to then finally achieving sleep.


Posted on August 14th, 2016 in Illustration by Nithin

The following images were created for the Psychologist Patapia Tzotzoli. They were done with her guidance to be used for her private practice in London. The images are insights into the mind and can be seen as motivational posters and a set of images that can be utilised as 'wellbeing' images.

Pen & Ink

Posted on August 14th, 2016 in Illustration by Nithin

The following are illustrations that I have done for various conceptual projects as well portraits of objects and people. They range in sizes starting from an A4 paper size and venturing as large as a A1 paper size. The illustrations were created for hypothetical purposes such as posters, t-shirt designs and packaging. They are done by hand with pen and ink.

Identity Short Comic

Posted on August 14th, 2016 in Narrative by Nithin

The short comic Identity was a submission for the Jay Mews Continental Magazine at the Royal College of Art. The brief was to create a wordless comic surrounding any subject of choice. As the magazine was a curation of illustrators at the Royal College of Art in London, I had chosen to create the comic around the experience of living in London as an individual originating from a foreign country.

The Thieving Ants

Posted on August 14th, 2016 in Narrative by Nithin

The thieving ants project was a directed study surrounding an object. The object was documented in the space it was found in, through which a short narrative was constructed around the space that the object belonged too. The metaphor of ants is used to express the heightened importance placed on the object through its study. The ants as directed gather the object upon their backs and then proceed through the efforts required to carry the object to their ant mound at the other end of the room. This surreal space reflects the nature of the mind while in the process of study, the object is put on a pedistool upon which its study is conducted.


Posted on August 13th, 2016 in Animation by Nithin

The animated moving image project Metamorphosis is based around the work of Franz Kafka. The project began as an inspection into the state of waking in which Kafka often found himself during his sleepless nights of writing. The moving image project is a visualisation of the transformation of Gregor from a man into an insect. Furthermore the moving image project is an account of the psychological state expressed through the metaphor of insect Gregor in Metamorphosis. The physical transformation of Gregor into an insect parallels the character’s personal strife making it tangible in the immediate sense. The animated insect legs (the only representation of the insect in the video) moving the actor around is indicative of its ability to physically alter the character. This alteration is chosen to be depicted as an external force as the prolonged experience of invalidation that is paramount to Kafka's work often resembles a psychological state that feels altogether external.


Posted on August 13th, 2016 in Narrative by Nithin

After reading the John Hersey novel Hiroshima, I decided to create images based around the novel that could be used as book covers and or images to be contained within the book. The images depict the intricies of the consequences of the atomic bomb on hiroshima. The novel depicts a shrouded cloud of confusion, the rapture in understanding that was witnessed by the citizens of Hiroshima. I tried to bring this emotion through in my illustrations, capturing the moments in the novel that I believe best resembled this atmosphere.


Posted on August 12th, 2016 in Animation by Nithin

This is a conceptual video created to depict a person as he is having experiences of delusions. A delusion often can be found entangled with concrete belief's for a person. The person may attach many truthful facts onto one irrational idea which proves his entire reasoning unsound. Often the experience of this delusion leaves the person in a state wherein his beliefs cloud his rational self. The purpose of this video is to illustrate one such event by linking it to imagery that depict some of the irrational fears and beliefs of the individual.