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Posted on August 13th, 2016 in Animation by Nithin


The animated moving image project Metamorphosis is based around the work of Franz Kafka. The project began as an inspection into the state of waking in which Kafka often found himself during his sleepless nights of writing. The moving image project is a visualisation of the transformation of Gregor from a man into an insect. Furthermore the moving image project is an account of the psychological state expressed through the metaphor of insect Gregor in Metamorphosis. The physical transformation of Gregor into an insect parallels the character’s personal strife making it tangible in the immediate sense. The animated insect legs (the only representation of the insect in the video) moving the actor around is indicative of its ability to physically alter the character. This alteration is chosen to be depicted as an external force as the prolonged experience of invalidation that is paramount to Kafka's work often resembles a psychological state that feels altogether external.

Metamorphosis from nithin karivardhan on Vimeo.