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The Night

Posted on August 16th, 2016 in Books by Nithin

There is a point in everyone’s life when they experience a state of sleeplessness, a night perhaps when they lay awake having entered a void wherein life’s meaning is debated and time loses its structure. The short narrative written by Skye Arundhati was a means of capturing the essence of her experience with sleeplessness. I then began to develop this project with her consensus. From the very beginning I was taken by the surreality of sleeplessness, a state in which there is a cross over between consciousness and unconsciousness. Much like a dream, this state is often found to have qualities that defy the conceptions of time and space. The completed book uses narrative to articulate the period in which the mind enters a state of sleeplessness to then finally achieving sleep.

Take the picture and forget about it

Posted in Books by Nithin

'Take the picture and forget about it' was a book that I designed for writer Skye Arundhati. The book is a simple and small publication for her degree show at the Royal College of Art. I also designed the poster for the degree show which was displayed next to the book. Skye was very particular about the book and poster reflecting the ethos behind her writing which was one of sensibility.

Surrealist Unconscious

Posted in Books by Nithin

The surrealist unconscious was book with support images designed for my BA dissertation at Central Saint Martins. The dissertation debated artistic intent and the frequent exploration of the unconscious often experimented with by artists to discover differnet methods of working. The dissertation explored surrealist comics and their use of surrealism as well as oil paintings. Some of the techniques discussed were automatism and the paranoiac critical method. The book is designed to sit inside a zote foam cut out of the human brain, the brain referencing the container of the ego, super ego and the id.

Consequential Modernity

Posted in Books by Nithin

This publication was created for a brief set by the Royal College of Art. To accomplish the brief I was to investigate a 'hidden history' within a specific place and then create a 24 page illustrated publication that elaborated its 'hidden history' to a wider audience. The brief detailed that there be investigations conducted on the site choosen. These included site visits, personal testimonials and working drawings and or primary research created on site. The cumilation of which was compiled, illustrated and then designed into a 'history book' of sorts. I choose to do the project on the bead-making industry in Khambhat in India. This is a dying Industry and one that I found situated itself rather delicately into the brief constraints.